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Product Spotlight: Carbon Infused Mattress Protector

by Mitchell Chitiz

A carbon-infused mattress protector has the potential to offer many benefits to customers including providing relaxation and a better night of sleep. While many retailers have been stocking mattress protectors for some time, it is only within recent years that customers have become aware of the advantages of owning one of these bedding essentials. 

Yet, what exactly is a carbon-infused mattress protector and what benefits does it offer customers? Below, we’ll tell you all you need to know. 


What is Carbon-Infused Bedding? 

Carbon fibres have been heralded as a super material that can impact not only how well we sleep but also, our health. These fibres, also known as graphene or graphite are an extremely strong and flexible material that has applications in consumer goods such as sports goods and textiles. 

When used in bedding, carbon fibres are typically woven with another material such as cotton or polyester into either the casing of mattresses or mattress protectors. Carbon-infused bedding offers several unique attributes that can improve sleep quality including: 


  • Thermoregulation - In its graphite form, carbon is highly effective in dissipating heat. When carbon fibres are used in bedding items, it makes sure heat is moved away from the body, keeping a comfortable sleep temperature. 
  • Anti-bacterial - Activated carbon fibres have natural antibacterial properties that are vital for a healthy sleep environment. 
  • Electric conductivity - Carbon fibres have a natural ability to discharge static electricity. Many consumers can unknowingly build up static electricity during the day when using electronic devices. This harms sleep quality as static electricity inhibits melatonin production. Carbon-infused bedding, therefore, promotes deeper, more relaxed sleep. 


One question that all retailers should ask when purchasing wholesale bedding items is: How will this product benefit and satisfy my customers? If your customers are looking for increased relaxation, reduced stress, and a comfortable sleeping environment, carbon-infused bedding could be the perfect solution. 


Westex’s Carbon-Infused Mattress Protector

Westex's Carbon Infused Mattress Protector


Westex’s Carbon Infused Mattress Protector is designed to be extremely soft, provides anti-static technology, and offers a waterproof design to protect your mattress against spills and liquid stains. 

Manufactured using 100% cotton and infused with carbon fibre, this mattress protector increases comfort and relaxation levels. Designed with a stretch skirt for an easy and secure fit, this mattress protector will comfortably fit mattresses that are between 9 - 18 inches thick. When taken care of correctly, your customers will be glad to hear that this durable mattress protector will add extra longevity to their mattress. 

As per our manufacturing recommendations, the carbon-infused mattress protector can be easily cleaned by placing it on a gentle machine wash cycle and tumble dried on a low heat setting. 


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