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FAQ Guide: How to Care For a Mattress Protector

by Mitchell Chitiz

While there are many stain-resistant and water-resistant mattress protectors on the market that doesn’t mean that consumers don’t need to take care of them properly. We’ve spoken before about the benefits of a mattress protector, but consumers also need to know how to look after these essential bedding items effectively. Similar to pillows and duvets, these items are prone to wear and tear and can build up with dust and bacteria over time. If they want to ensure that a mattress protector has a long lifetime, then your customers will need to show it some TLC. 

Below, we’ll provide some helpful insider tips and tricks that can be shared with consumers so that they can receive the full benefits of owning a mattress protector. 


Mattress Protector Care Guide: Top FAQs

As mattress protectors are designed to protect against wear and tear, safeguard against stains, and provide allergen protection it can be easy to forget that they aren’t invincible themselves. 

Here at Westex, we’ve received many questions over the years about how much care is needed for these bedding essentials. And, we are sure that your retail staff have received the same. That’s why we wanted to share the top answers to common mattress protector FAQs that your consumers need to know.


1) How Regularly Should a Mattress Protector Be Washed?


It can be easy for consumers to put a mattress protector on their bed and then completely forget about it. Yet, like pillows and duvets, body fluids, dust, and dirt can seep through bedsheets and into the protector itself. For this reason, a retail customer should be washing these bedding items once every month. 

However, there are some exceptions. If your customer tends to suffer from allergies, make sure to advise them that it is best to wash a mattress protector every other week so that they can breathe more comfortably in bed. 


2) How Do I Wash a Mattress Protector? Does it Need to Be Dry Cleaned?

This will depend on the manufacturer or bedding supplier that your retail brand works with but in most cases, these products can be machine washed. For customers to get the best use out of their new mattress protector, they’ll need to stick to the following guidelines: 

  • Wash before use: Laundering a mattress protector before placing it on a bed will eliminate any odours and soften the material. 
  • Launder in lukewarm water: Mattress protectors that are suitable for machine washing should be put on a gentle cycle in either cold or lukewarm water. Hot water is not recommended as it could weaken waterproofing materials. 
  • Use gentle detergent: Customers should always wash their bedding products using non-bleach, mild detergents. If the detergent is too harsh this could damage the binding material. 
  • Tumble dry on low heat: Mattress protectors aren’t capable of withstanding extreme heat so it always best that customers either tumble dry this product on low heat or hang up to dry naturally. 

You should always encourage your customers to read the manufacturer’s label for guidance on the correct method of washing their mattress protector. 


3) My Mattress Protector is Stain-Resistant. Does That Mean I Don’t Have to Wash It? 

While that technology would be amazing, unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. While stain-resistant mattress protectors certainly provide many great benefits to customers, this doesn’t mean they should be overlooked when it comes to laundering. 


4) How Often Should A Mattress Protector Be Replaced? 

The longevity of mattress protectors is second to none provided that they are cared for correctly. If washed regularly and handled with care, customers can keep these bedding items for up to two years without needing to buy a replacement. However, if your customer spots signs of everyday wear and tear then they may need to replace it sooner. 

Customers often ask: What are the replacement signs I need to look out for? Advise them that if they are seeing holes and worn spots this is a clear sign that they need to find a replacement.    

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As wholesale bedding suppliers, we understand your customers’ desire for access to high-quality mattress protectors that provide longevity, comfort, luxury, and more. 

Here at Westex, we supply a range of mattress protectors to retail brands across North America and globally. Our carbon-infused mattress protector is a particular favourite among customers as is our range of bamboo protectors. For more information on our product catalogue or to enquire about a partnership, get in touch with our team today!