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How To Improve Sleep Quality With Quality Bedding

by Mitchell Chitiz

Poor sleep quality sucks. All across the world, people struggle to get enough shut-eye. And it’s not just leading to morning grouches. Whatever the cause, the effects of sleep deprivation are real and severe. Poor sleep quality has been linked to decreased cognitive function, poor productivity, and other health conditions.

While you can find endless tips and tricks online for how to improve sleep quality, one factor that is often forgotten is your choice of bedding. As wholesale bedding manufacturers, we take our Down duvets and other bedroom products very seriously. We know just how closely they are linked to sleep quality. This article will look at the negative effects of sleep deprivation, and show how the right bedding can help you get the good night’s sleep you deserve.


What Sleep Deprivation Will Do To You

Sleep is one of the most important things your body needs, along with food, water, and air. Sleep not only rests our body, but our mind as well, giving us a chance to “reset” after a busy day. Without the proper amount of sleep, your health will be impacted in a variety of ways. These can include just some of the following… 


Decreased Cognitive Function 

As you sleep, your brain makes new connections between its neurons, helping you better remember things that you learned during the day. Less sleep means that you are making fewer of these connections. 

Not only will this make it increasingly difficult to hold onto new information, but you will find it harder to remember facts or think clearly. This can severely harm your work and home life. It can even be physically dangerous, as it makes you more prone to accidents. 


Mood Swings

It’s not just your thinking process that is hampered by a lack of sleep, but your emotional stability as well. Lack of sleep naturally lends itself to irritability and a short temper. Your ability to make decisions and be creative will also be impacted. Enough sleep deprivation can even cause anxiety and depression.


High Blood Pressure

The negative effects of sleep aren’t just psychological. Sleep deprivation will start to eventually damage vital parts of your body. This can include the system that manages your blood pressure - lack of quality sleep has been linked to higher blood pressure. Continuous high blood pressure can damage your heart and blood vessels, making you a much more likely candidate for heart disease and stroke. 


Weakened Immune System 

It’s no coincidence that the most common piece of advice given to any sick person is to get “plenty of rest.” Your body needs sleep to help prepare its immune system and fight diseases. Without enough sleep, you will find yourself becoming ill much more often, even to illnesses you would normally be able to shrug off. 


Weight Gain 

Without the right amount of sleep, the chemicals that help you regulate your impulses for hunger and fullness are disrupted. Combined with the lack of energy you’ll develop, this can quickly turn into weight gain. Since lack of sleep is linked to disruptions in insulin levels, diabetes is also a risk for those not getting enough shuteye. 

How Bedding Can Improve Sleep Quality 

Hopefully, we’ve shown just how important sleep is to your health. But this still leaves the question of how to improve sleep quality. 

One of the best methods to get a good night’s sleep is to make sure that you have a bed that is conducive to sleep. And the best way to have a good sleep space is through quality bedding. Following are a few things to consider when buying bedding with sleep quality in mind.



It’s pretty straightforward - if your customers aren’t comfortable, they’ll have a hard time getting to sleep. Your bedding shouldn’t scratch, chafe or poke. We’re a big proponent of Down duvets, which are incredibly soft and comforting without being too heavy or overbearing. 



Many of us need quiet to sleep. We’ll tend to blame partners, pets, or neighbours as major sources of noise at night. However, many kinds of bedding will make audible “crinkling” or “rustling” noises as we or a partner move and shift. Pillows and duvets with softer interiors won’t have this issue and will let you get a good night’s sleep undisturbed.



Another thing that many sleepers are sensitive to is temperature. Everyone has a preferred temperature that they find helps them sleep best. Good Down and Down-Alternative duvets will be breathable resulting in temperature regulation - preventing you from getting cold, but also from overheating. 


Moisture Wicking

“Moisture Wicking” refers to the ability of bedding to move moisture to its outer layers and to quickly dry that moisture. Bedding with poor moisture wicking often leaves sleepers waking up covered in sweat. Having proper moisture wicking is a great way to improve sleep quality.

Interested in Hearing More About Our Quality Bedding? 

At Westex, we are a proud manufacturer of a variety of quality bedding products, that help your customers get the best night’s sleep possible. 

If you are looking to expand your bedding and home décor product offering, get in touch with our team today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.