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How to Clean an Ironing Board Cover: Step-by-Step Guide

by Mitchell Chitiz

In order for customers to get the full value from their purchases, they need to know how to properly take care of various products. This also applies to ironing board covers. 

Customers should always be equipped with the knowledge that they need to look after their purchases. After all, once a product leaves your retail store it doesn’t stop being associated with your brand’s reputation. That’s why customers should be pointed towards the correct care and maintenance information for ironing board covers. 

As we are ironing board cover suppliers, we know a thing or two about how to keep these products in the best condition possible. Below, we provide our top tips that customers can use when learning how to clean an ironing board cover. 


Why Ironing Board Covers Need to Be Washed and Maintained

Customers may not realize it but washing their ironing board cover regularly is just as important as washing their gym clothes after a particularly sweaty training session. Like most other household items, ironing board covers can also be the victim of built-up dust, dirt, and debris. 

Similar to maintaining an ironing board, cleaning a board cover will protect its integrity and longevity. These products are designed to last for many years (allowing for some wear and tear). So, if your customers are looking for laundry products that they can rely on, they will need to keep these cleaning tips in mind. 


How to Clean an Ironing Board Cover


Iron and shirts sitting on top of an ironing board


Most manufacturers of ironing board covers, like ourselves, will include washing instructions on the product label. However, there are several rules of thumb that are worthwhile for your customers to know. 


  • Set up the ironing board as normal: First, set up the ironing board as normal. Using a clean cloth, customers should wipe away any dust from the ironing board cover and the board itself. 
  • Remove ironing board cover: Next, the customer will need to remove the ironing board cover and the pad. In most cases, the cover will feature a label on the underside which will provide washing instructions. It’s necessary to read this carefully as not all ironing board covers are suitable for machine wash. 
  • Washing by hand instructions: If washing by hand, any stained or dirty areas such be spot treated. Using a mixture of water, baking soda and vinegar or using a stain remover, spray the solution on to the identified stains. Leave to sit for five minutes before gently wiping away using a damp cloth. 
  • Machine wash instructions: In the event that the ironing board cover is safe to be machine washed, place in your washing machine as normal with a mild detergent and cold water. Set on a delicate or gentle cycle and remove once the cycle is finished. 
  • Dry hanging up or lying flat: Ironing board covers should always be hung up either on a drying rack or laid on a flat surface to dry. Never put it into your drying machine - this can cause the coating of a cover to become damaged. Make sure that the cover is fully dried before placing it back on your board.


The news that your customers will be happy to hear is that when regularly maintained, ironing board covers have a long shelf life. At Westex, we offer a range of premium quality covers for ironing boards that are highly durable and stylish. However, that isn’t to stay that these products last forever either. 

If an ironing board cover begins to fray or has stains that just won’t budge no matter how much elbow grease is used, this is a sign that customers should be looking to upgrade to a brand new cover.


Westex’s Stain-Resistant Ironing Board Covers 

If a pet peeve of your customer base is trying to shift stubborn stains that have leaked through the ironing board cover on to the ironing pad or board itself, then our solution might be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Our Deluxe Triple-Layer Extra-Thick Ironing Board Cover is treated with a special stain-resistant and water-resistant coating. The treated cotton fabric is also supported with extra layers of foam and fibre to provide extra durability and protection. This means that customers can easily wipe the cover clean without any fuss. 


Interested in Partnering with an Ironing Board Cover Supplier? 

Here at Westex, we do more than just Down duvets and decorative cushions. We also offer retail stores the ability to order a wide variety of laundry products including ironing boards, ironing board covers, and luxury wooden hangers. 

For more information about our product catalogue, get in touch with our team today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding partnering with us.