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Hutterite vs Hungarian vs Siberian: Which Goose Down is Best?

by Mitchell Chitiz

Goose Down is a highly sought-after product that can be sourced from all over the world. China is currently the world’s largest goose Down supplier, providing 80% of the Down in the world. Other parts of the world, such as Hungary and Canada, are known for their high-quality Down.

But how do you know whose Down is best?  Below, we’ll look into these sources of Down to compare the quality of each. 

What Makes the Best Quality of Down?

Down is made of tiny clusters of filament. The larger the clusters, the softer and better insulating the Down will be. This quality is known as the loft. Down is an excellent insulating material because it allows air to move between its filaments and traps the air and body heat to provide insulation. 

The more the clusters and filaments stick together, the better insulation they provide. So the larger the clusters, the better fill power and the better quality of Down. Down with a loft of 600-700 is considered quality, but Down with a loft of 800+ is the highest quality. 

Where a goose is raised or the country it came from does not necessarily affect the quality of the Down, but strong traditions of raising quality geese and harvesting can affect the quality. 

Hungarian Down

Hungary has a long-standing history of producing large quantities of high-quality Goose Down. Most high-quality European Down comes from Hungary or France. Hungarian Down is known for its white and semi-white coloured Down and its high loft. Hungary also has a well-established Goose Down industry.  

Hungarian Down producers claim that the high quality of Goose Down comes from their long-established goose breeding heritage and the country's cold climate that helps the geese to produce more Down. The Down is highly desirable for its insulating properties, its durability and its softness. 

A Short History of Hutterite Down

Hutterite Down comes from a very specific part of the world. It is produced by Hutterites, a communal religious group who live on the prairies in Western Canada, mainly in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. In their isolated colonies, Hutterites grow their own food and raise livestock to eat. 

Hutterites raise geese for their meat, and the Goose Down is a byproduct of this. The geese are raised in the open air and allowed to roam free and eat grass and insects. They are also much more mature when harvested, and mature birds create Down with the best loft. 

Canadian Hutterite Down is known for its exceptional quality and loft, making it one of the warmest and softest Down available. The cold climate also means the birds produce more Down to protect them from the elements. Because the geese are raised in small quantities in the colonies it is also rare. 

Hutterites are known for producing the best quality Goose Down in the world, and a Hutterite Goose Down duvet is sought after by customers around the world. 

Hutterite Down is known for being:

  • Lightweight
  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Highly Insulating

Siberian Down

Any Down on the market that is called Siberian Goose Down is actually incredibly misleading. The truth is that there is no such thing as Siberian Down, it is simply a marketing trade name. The country of Siberia has never been a producer of Goose Down. So, unlike that of Hungarian Down or Hutterite Down, Down from Siberia is not from Siberia at all. 

Any Down products that are called ‘Siberian Goose Down’ are more than likely filled with Down and feathers that are produced in either China or across Europe. While often coined as being a superior Down product, Siberian Goose Down duvets or pillows can range from being very poor in quality to mediocre. 

That’s why it is always best to do your research before purchasing Down bedding. There is a reason why high-quality Goose Down costs a great deal more than lower quality Down. It is essential to know where your Down comes from and have a supplier you can trust. The best way to know you are getting high-quality down is to look for the Down Association of Canada trademark or relevant certifications. 

Our Down products at Westex have the Down Association label that shows that quality standards are strictly maintained. 

So Which Goose Down is Best?

Although it is not necessarily the country where Down comes from that makes a difference in the quality, knowing your Down is produced in a way that maintains the quality and ethical standards is essential. A strong tradition of raising healthy quality mature birds in an environment made to create the best Down will make the best Down. 


Remember, it is the fill power that determines the quality of the Down. And mature, healthy birds produce Down with the best fill power. 


At Westex, we are proud to supply Canadian Hutterite Down and Brome Lake Down in our products. If you are looking for luxury Down products with high-quality Hutterite Down, take a look at our Canadian Down Duvets and Pillows. We love the luxurious softness of Hutterite Down and offer it as one of the fill types available in our Down duvet and comforter collections. Talk to us today to learn more about offering Hutterite Down products in your retail store.