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Down vs Microgel Duvets: How Do They Differ?

by Mitchell Chitiz

We’ve written before about our microgel duvets, but many customers wonder how these synthetic Down-Alternative duvets measure up against a Canadian Hutterite Down duvet. In this blog, we’ll compare the benefits of a microgel duvet vs a Down duvet and discuss why they are both great options to stock in a retail store.

So What is a Microgel Duvet?

Microgel duvets use polyester synthetic fills that look and feel like Down but are a much more cost-effective alternative and 100% hypoallergenic. The microgel filling has a fine consistency, almost like silk. Because of this fine texture, it has a loft similar to goose or duck Down. This means it keeps you warm and cozy, just like Down, but for a much lower price.

The Benefits of Microgel

Cost: The first and most significant benefit of microgel is the cost. Microgel duvets cost much less than their Down alternatives. They are also friendly to those who suffer from feather or down allergies. Being 100% synthetic, they are 100% hypoallergenic. 

Easy To Care For: Microgel is also very easy to care for and maintain. Simply throw them in the washer on low spin or delicate cycle and then into the dryer to easily and quickly clean your duvet. 

Very Comfortable:The reason microgel comforters are so popular is that they are also very comfortable sleeping under and cuddling up with at night. They also won’t lose their shape or get lumpy. 

What is Hutterite Goose Down? 

Hutterite goose Down is known to be some of the best quality Down in the world. The geese are raised on large Hutterite farms on the prairies of Canada, mainly in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Hutterites live in colonies and raise the birds for food, meaning that the birds are allowed to grow to be mature and are fed on grass and grain and allowed to roam freely.  

This growing method produces the best quality of Down because mature birds produce large amounts of Down that are dense and strong, with excellent fill stability and luxuriously soft.  Because it takes longer to produce quality Down and the mature birds don’t make a lot of it, Down is very expensive.

The Benefits of Hutterite Goose Down

Hutterite Down Duvets are luxuriously soft and last a lifetime. They are considered to be of the best quality of Down anywhere in the world. The Down has a high loft, meaning it holds in more warmth per ounce and creates a very warm duvet that is also lightweight. Hutterite Down duvets last a lifetime and are also sustainably produced. 

So Which is Better?

Both microgel duvets and Hutterite Down duvets will keep you warm on cold winter nights. For those on a budget but who still want softness and warmth, or those who are allergic to goose Down, a microgel duvet is an excellent option. 

For those looking to invest in a quality bedding option that will bring them comfort for years to come and want the best that Down can offer, the Hutterite Down duvet can’t be beaten. 

In the end, it comes down to personal preference, which is why we recommend retailers offer both excellent options, the microgel Duvet and the Hutterite Down Duvets, for their customers. 

Westex is proud to be one of Canada’s top Down-Alternative bedding suppliers and Canadian Down duvet manufacturers. We carry a line of top-quality Down duvets, microgel duvets and Down-Alternative duvets. For more information on our duvets and how to get them in your store, contact us today.