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Pillow Talk: Best Goose Down Filled Pillows of 2021

by Mitchell Chitiz

A Goose Down pillow is the essence of comfort. As a retail buyer, it is your duty to work with suppliers that can provide you with the best down-filled pillows. Below, we will look at why Goose Down pillows are highly recommended and which Down pillows consumers want most this year. 

Goose Down-Filled Pillows: What Are They and Why Do Customers Love Them? 

As a retailer in the home and bedding industry, you will inevitably know that are many different types of sleeping pillows on the market. From synthetic, memory foam, and more there are thousands of options that you can add to your pillow inventory. However, one type of pillow that many customers view as the best option is a Goose Down pillow. 

Goose Down pillows are filled using Down clusters that are known for being lighter and softer than feathers. These pillows are known for providing undeniable comfort, luxury, and quality. Here at Westex, we have access to Down from the Hutterite community in Alberta and European Down suppliers. 

Yet, why are they so popular among customers? The answer is quite simple. Sleeping on a Goose Down-filled pillow is the equivalent of lying your head on a cotton candy cloud for the night. These pillows provide an exceptionally plush feel and are great for snuggling up to. Goose Down pillows typically have a long shelf life too meaning that a customer can enjoy them for many years. 

What Features Should Retailers Look For in a Goose Down Pillow?

Before we look at the best Goose Down-filled pillows, as a retailer you must first understand what qualifies a pillow to be placed on this list. There are several features that a Goose Down pillow must offer in order for it to be considered high-quality. These are: 

  • Softness - Down pillows are known for their softness. When stocking Goose Down pillows it is important that you ensure any pillow stocked provides noticeable cushioning and is plush underhead. A good rule of thumb to use is the higher the fill power, the softer the pillow will be. 
  • Durable - A Goose Down pillow should last a customer a few years as long as it is looked after correctly. Make sure to have a conversation with your Down pillow manufacturer or supplier regarding the life expectancy of their products. 
  • Breathability - Another core reason why Goose Down-filled pillows are beloved by customers is the fact that they have natural breathable properties and materials.
  • Country of Origin - Finally, a pillow filled with Goose Down should come from a country of origin that is known for its quality and reputation. At Westex, we believe Hutterite Goose Down to be the superior fill option. Additionally, as a retailer, it is important to check that the supplier has the necessary certifications such as DOWNMARK®.  

  • As long as a Goose Down pillow hits all of these boxes then there is no reason why you shouldn’t stock them as part of your bedding inventory this year. 

    Westex’s Best Goose Down-Filled Pillows of 2021

    Whether you are looking for a Down pillow that matches your customers’ comfort or price expectations, these three options deserve their place on Westex’s list of the best Goose Down-filled pillows of 2021. 

    Firm Luxury White Goose Down Pillow

    Westex Firm Luxury White Goose Down Pillow

    The Westex Firm Luxury White Goose Down Pillow is filled with Goose Down clusters and is encased in a 100% combed cotton sateen. Offering a 400 thread count, this Down pillow is the perfect option for those customers that are looking for comfort and softness but still want a bit of firmness when they sleep at night. Treated with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial technology, this Down-filled pillow is ideal for all types of sleepers and all price ranges. 

    Hutterite White Goose Down Around Pillow

    Westex Hutterite White Goose Down Around Pillow

    Filled using high-quality Hutterite Down, the Westex Hutterite White Goose Down Around Pillow is the epitome of luxurious comfort. This triple-chamber pillow offers an outer layer of Hutterite Goose Down and an inner chamber filled with Hutterite Goose Feathers. The outer chamber offers ultimate comfort, while the Goose Feathers ensure that customers receive great head support. 


    With a thread count of 400 and a 675 fill power, this Goose Down-filled pillows is one of our team’s favourites. And guaranteed to become one of your customers’ favourites too. 

    Recycled European Goose & Duck Down Pillow 

    Recycled Down & Feather Pillows

    Westex’s Recycled Down & Feather Pillows use a mixture of recycled Goose Down and Duck Down that is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Collected from Down products all over Europe, the Down fill is put through a rigorous treatment and conditioning process making sure they are sterilized as thoroughly as virgin Down. Offering a 650 loft fill and a 400 thread count cotton sateen shell, these Recycled Down and Feather pillows are superior to any others offered on the market. 


    This Down-filled pillow is the perfect option for those customers who are looking for comfort but are also eco-conscious in their purchasing decisions. 

    The Importance of Working with a Reputable Down Pillow Manufacturer 

    When it comes to working with a reputable Down pillow manufacturer ensuring that they can be trusted is an essential requirement. Unfortunately, there are many wholesale bedding suppliers in the industry that tout supplying high-quality Down products when those products are anything but. 


    As a retailer, it is your responsibility to carry out due diligence and research a potential Down bedding manufacturer before partnering with them. Here are our top tips to help you ensure that you are stocking the right products:


      • Ask Questions: Always make sure that you ask a potential wholesale bedding supplier the right questions. Enquire about how they source their Down fill, ask them about what authenticity certifications they have and get them to explain their quality and assurance protocols. 
  • Look at Their Existing Partnerships: Oftentimes, by looking at who their existing partners are this can be enough to let you know whether the manufacturer is reliable and reputable. Here at Westex, we work with some of the biggest retailers in North America including The Hudson Bay, HomeSense, and Wayfair. 
  • View Their Product Catalogue: Any reputable manufacturer of Down duvets and pillows will be proud to showcase the quality of their products and the diverse range of their collection. Additionally, reputable Down pillow suppliers should work with you to ensure that products meet your customers’ expectations. Here at Westex, we happily collaborate with retailers to provide products that match your brand design and standards using our private label program.

     We know how important it is for retailers to pick the Down bedding supplier and manufacturer that will work alongside them to satisfy the needs of their customers. That’s why we guarantee unrivalled product design, product quality, and customer support. 

    Visit Our Down Pillow and Duvet Factory in North America


    At Westex, we happily welcome prospective partners to come and visit our factory in Toronto for themselves. Here we will bring you on a tour of our factory and guide you through our manufacturing process. As Down pillow and duvet manufacturers, we are proud to showcase the methods and techniques we use to manufacture high-quality Goose Down products. 


    If you’re looking to partner with a leading manufacturer of Down bedding products in North America, our team would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today.