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Supplying Down Bedding: Why is Reputation Important?

by Mitchell Chitiz

Down duvets are one of the most popular luxury bedding products in the world. Down has a natural ability to provide warmth and comfort without a lot of weight. With some care, products made from Down last for a lifetime, making it a worthwhile investment for every home. 

But because Down is such a sought-after product, many manufacturers try to pass-off false or low-quality Down as a genuine product. 

Below, we’ll discuss what goes into making Down products and the importance of considering the reputation of a wholesale duvet manufacturer when dealing with Down and feather products. We’ll also look into how you can spot sustainable practices to ensure your Down products are sourced and manufactured responsibly. 


What is Down?

Down comes from Geese and Ducks and is the inner layer of Down clusters they grow to keep them warm in cold temperatures. Down is not the same as feathers, but is the fluffy undercoating on the birds that traps air and heat. It is this trapped air that creates an incredible insulating quality.

Down is a breathable material that is allergy-friendly, long-lasting and one of the most insulating materials. Down has a three-dimensional structure that looks a lot like dandelion fluff. It also lasts much longer than synthetic materials and can keep its loft year after year, making it very popular for bedding, jackets, pillows, sleeping bags and other insulating products. 

Down mostly comes from goose and duck farms that raise the birds for meat and is a byproduct of the poultry industry. Older and more mature geese produce Down with the best loft, and products made with this mature Down are warmer and need less Down to achieve a warm and cozy feel. 

Sometimes products such as pillows use a mix of Down on the outside and feathers on the inside to give the item structure and retain the softness and breathability of the Down. 


How Do We Get Our Down and Feathers?

At Westex, our Down and feathers are obtained from geese and ducks grown on farms for their meat. In particular, we source Down material from the Hutterites communities in Alberta, Canada. Hutterite Down is among the most luxurious in the world.  

Westex believes in the ethical treatment of geese and ducks, and our Down and feathers are harvested humanely. The farms do not use any live pluck methods to obtain the Down. 

Once the Down and feathers are obtained, they are carefully washed, rinsed, dried and sorted into various quality grades of Down and feathers. This process ensures the feathers and Down are clean and sanitary, and each grade is ready for multiple stages of manufacturing. 


Unethical Down

Due to the high demand for Down products and the relatively high cost for this luxury item, many retailers and wholesale bedding suppliers try to pass-off fake down products or materials made with a low grade of Down to the public. This can lead to fraudulent products on the market and Down that is sourced from unethical facilities. 

Some retailers may offer inexpensive versions of Down products and make fraudulent claims about the type of fill used, including claims of Down fibre. It is essential to know that Down fibre is not the same as Down. It is made from the dust leftover from feather and Down processing and holds almost no insulating properties. The bottom line is, if a Down product has a low price that seems too good to be true, it probably is. 


DOWNMARK Certified

At Westex, we are proud to be a DOWNMARK® certified member.  DOWNMARK® is the mark of the Down Association of Canada, a non-profit organization in operation for over 40 years that helps consumers find genuine Down products and educates consumers on ethical harvesting practices and supports the development of the highest quality Down standards. 

If a product carries the DOWNMARK® label, you can be confident that the product you are buying meets the highest standards for manufacturing and the ethical treatment of the geese and ducks. The DOWNMARK® label certifies that the qualified manufacturer has complied with stringent quality assurance requirements and is made with genuine, high-quality Down and feather materials.


Why Reputation Matters

As a retailer, it is crucial to know that you can trust your wholesale duvet manufacturer to provide high-quality genuine products that you can confidently pass on to your customers. Beware of products priced as bargains and unethical suppliers trying to sell inferior goods as quality items. Not only do fraudulent products harm your customers, but they can potentially harm animals and your reputation as a retailer. 

It is a good idea to ask questions of any wholesale bedding suppliers you work with to find out how they source their Down and feathers and if they have a certificate of authenticity. Any reputable manufacturer will properly label their products according to industry standards and guidelines. 

Westex is proud to be an industry leader as a North American wholesale duvet manufacturer. We also offer a high-quality line of feather and Down pillows and Down-Alternative bedding. If you are interested in learning more about our sustainability sourced Down products or are interested in partnering with Westex as a retailer, please contact our team today. Westex stands behind our reputation for providing high-quality products to retailers throughout North America.