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Stocking Goose Down Duvets: How Fill Power Impacts Temperature

by Mitchell Chitiz

With the winter season on the way, customers will be looking for Down duvets to stay warm and cozy in the cold weather. As a retailer of Down duvets, it is essential to understand how fill power affects the temperature so you can help customers find what they need in a duvet. In this post, we’ll discuss the science behind fill power and how it impacts temperature for Down products. 

What Is Fill Power?

Down fill power, sometimes also called loft, is a measurement of the quality of the Down and refers to the size of the Down clusters. In general, the higher the fill power of Down, the larger the cluster and the more insulating and long lasting it is. It also takes less Down to fill the same space, so the item is lighter, even though it is warmer. This insulating power is why products with a high Down fill power tend to be more expensive. 

Down with a high fill power also comes from mature geese. Mature geese produce the largest clusters, and as it takes more time to raise the geese, this also increases the price of the Down. The highest fill power comes from the Eider Duck, which has a fill power of over 1000 and is very rare and expensive. Most high quality Down is generally around 850, with 500-600 being an average fill power for goose Down duvets. 

How Does Fill Power Work?

Down is a marvelous material that is highly insulating, light in weight, soft and fluffy. With large Down clusters, more air is trapped between the Down fibres, which creates better insulation. Because of this, they also compress down very well and fluff back up when you shake them out. 

Down is an excellent thermal insulator, which means that it traps air and body heat in the loose fibres of the Down. The air and energy can escape easily through those clusters, so the body heat stays close to the body. 

What is Fill Weight?

Fill weight refers to the weight of the Down in ounces placed inside the duvet. The higher the fill weight of Down, the more Down inside the product, and the warmer and the heavier the product will be. 

So are Duvets with a Higher Fill Power Warmer Than Those With a Lower Fill Power?

Not always. When it comes to winter duvets for cold temperatures, you can look for duvets with a high fill power or a higher fill weight. You can achieve the same insulating properties with a lower quality Down by using more Down in the product.  

Some winter quality duvets may be warmer because they contain more oz of Down, or they could achieve the same insulating quality by using less oz of Down with a higher fill power.

Helping Customers Understand Fill Power

Understanding terms like fill power and fill weight can be confusing to some customers. By explaining the difference, we can help you make the right decision when it comes to Down duvets. 

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