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Buying Guide: Duvet Size Chart

by Mitchell Chitiz

Retail buyers know how excited customers can be to purchase a new duvet for their bed. However, one area that can leave customers feeling a little stumped is choosing the correct duvet size. In this post, we provide a useful sizing chart that retailers and shop assistants can reference when helping a consumer make a duvet or comforter purchase. 

Choosing a Down Comforter or Duvet: How to Help Customers Make the Right Choice

Like all luxury bedding products, Down duvets should be chosen based on a number of factors: the quality of the duvet, its comfort level, and its size. While retail customers may have a general understanding of what a Down duvet or comforter is, one area that can often confuse them is knowing which size is the right choice for them. 

As a retail store, it is up to you to make sure that the customer is always satisfied with their purchase. That’s why we recommend that you educate yourself and your staff on how to help customers make the right purchase decision when it comes to duvet sizes. 

Most Down duvet manufacturers in North America will manufacture duvets that accommodate standard-size mattresses that are 20 - 30 cm deep. However, having an understanding of various duvet dimensions can ensure that you help your customers to complete their sleep set up so that their bed is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t compromise on comfort. 

Duvet Size Chart: A Useful Guide

Here at Westex, our Down duvet collection offers options to suit the most popular duvet sizes: twin, double, queen, and king. Typically, customers should follow what is known as the 12-16 rule - duvets must be 12 inches longer and 16 inches wider than the bed’s mattress.

However, it’s also essential for your customers to keep mattress depth in mind. If their mattress is quite tall, then they may need to choose a larger-sized duvet to cover the bed adequately. For example, a mattress may be sized as a double, but if it is tall then choosing a queen-sized Down duvet would make sure that the duvet covers the mattress fully. 

This useful duvet size chart should help your customers understand which size Westex Down duvet is the perfect match for their bed. 

Westex’s Duvet Size Chart: 400 Thread Count Down Duvets


Dimensions (Inches)

Dimensions (CMs)

Twin duvet

64 x 90”

162 x 229 cm

Double/ Full duvet

78 x 90”

198 x 229 cm

Queen duvet

90 x 90”

229 x 229 cm

King duvet

106 x 90”

269 x 229 cm

Twin-Sized Duvets

Twin-sized duvets (also known as single duvets) are the smallest size that customers can typically buy from a retailer. At Westex, our twin-size Down duvets measure 64 x 90-inches (162 x 229 cm). These duvets are compatible with most twin-sized mattresses. If a customer is looking for a duvet for a child’s room or college accommodation, a twin-sized duvet will often be sufficient. 

Double or Full-Sized Duvets

Double or full-sized beds are slightly wider than twin-sized beds. Perfect for both children and single adults, Westex’s range of double-sized Down duvets currently measures 78 x 90-inches (198 x 229 cm). This duvet size is also suitable for those twin-sized beds that have a taller mattress height. 

Queen-Sized Duvets

In most cases, your customer will be looking for a queen-sized Down duvet. Queen-sized beds are the most popular of all standard bed sizes. Whether part of a master bedroom or a guest bedroom, queen-sized duvets have always been a popular bedding item. As we noted in the duvet size chart above, a queen-sized Down duvet will typically measure 90 x 90-inches (229 x 229 cm). 

King-Sized Duvets

King beds are unsurprisingly roomy and luxurious. A king duvet is the widest of the standard duvet sizes but is becoming more popular in the bedding marketplace. Many couples and families choose a king-sized bed for the additional room that it provides. At Westex, our line of premium king-sized Down duvets measures 106 x 90-inches (269 x 229 cm). 

Working With a Down Duvet Manufacturer 

As a Down duvet manufacturer, our team understands the importance of providing high-quality Down duvets to customers all over North America and internationally. For that reason, we ensure that our duvets are manufactured in line with standard mattress sizes and with premium, high-quality Down filling. 

For more information on our Down duvet and pillow collection or to learn how to partner with us, contact our team today.