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Retailers Should Visit a Wholesale Bedding Manufacturer’s Factory. Here’s Why

by Mitchell Chitiz

As part of due diligence when partnering with a wholesale bedding manufacturer, it is important that retailers go and visit their factory. Why is that? Let us explain. Below, we look at why going on a tour of a prospective bedding supplier partner’s factory is a vital step to take, and how it impacts the manufacturer-retailer relationship. 

Carrying Out Due Diligence As a Retail Buyer

Modern retail brands are discovering that the relationships that they have with third-party suppliers are the cornerstone of their everyday operations. This is especially true for those retailers that are working with wholesale bedding manufacturers and suppliers. For this reason, carrying out due diligence must be completed. 

Why exactly is that? While there are many reputable suppliers in the bedding industry, working with a third-party partner will always come with some level of risk. To minimize those risks, you will need to carry out supplier due diligence at every step of the supply chain. This involves getting to know a prospective partner and making sure they’re legitimate. 

Although it is not always possible to mitigate every single risk that can arise, being proactive about due diligence can go a long way in helping you to both build and maintain a manufacturer-retailer relationship in the future. 

Why It’s Important to Take a Tour of a Wholesale Bedding Factory?

Perhaps you’ve already spoken to a potential bedding manufacturer and have asked them some of the top questions that you had on your mind. Maybe on paper, this company looks like the ideal fit. However, to be safe (from a bottom-line perspective), you should always enquire about whether you can take a tour of their factory. 

Visiting a wholesale bedding manufacturer’s factory and seeing it with your own eyes can give you an extra insight into this prospective partner than a phone call never could. Not only can you make sure that the supplier has the correct operational procedures in place, but you can see if they have the right leadership skills and organizational structure. All of these factors should be taken into consideration before making a decision on a third-party partner. 

In most cases, a reputable and reliable bedding supplier will openly invite you to come to their factory so that you can see their products and processes for yourself. However, if you ever have any concerns, ask to visit to put your mind at ease. 

Here at Westex, we are proud to announce that we’re a 100% fully vaccinated facility. We’re currently offering factory visits to those individuals who are double-vaccinated or have proof of a medical exemption. Please note that we have a mask policy in place. To organize a factory tour, get in touch with us today. 

How to Carry Out a Factory Visit With Due Diligence in Mind 

Regardless of whether it is your first time conducting a factory visit as a retail buyer or your one-thousandth, there are some considerations that you keep in mind when it comes to due diligence. 

First, make sure that you are using a due diligence checklist during the visit. Secondly, make sure that you are scoring the following areas of the wholesale bedding manufacturers business: 

  • Factory Organization: As a retailer, you want to trust that a manufacturer knows how to organize their factory’s production process and their staff. Make sure that you check whether inventory is stacked neatly, there is adequate wayfinding and signage, and that there is a clear assembly line. 
  • Factory Capacity: When touring a prospective partner’s facility, make sure that the business has clear plans in place for material and labour shortages. This ensures that they will always be able to provide quality products even if disruptions happen. 
  • Production Process: As the supplier walks you through their production process, ask to inspect the quality of their equipment. Understanding what kind of machines and tools they have on-site and the maintenance of these machines is a large part of due diligence. 
  • Inventory: During the tour, make sure that you are checking how the inventory of both raw materials and finished products is stored. A good bedding manufacturer will have a robust quality assurance system in place that ensures each part of the production process is hitting the mark. 
  • Production Samples: Most luxury bedding manufacturers and suppliers will have production samples that you can inspect and review on-site. Here at Westex, we happily invite potential retail partners to our showrooms so that you can see our products before they hit your shelves. 

  • Other areas that you might look for when determining whether a bedding manufacturer is the right partner for your retail brand include the cleanliness of the facility’s grounds, employee interaction, and the supply management process. 

    The Retailer-Manufacturer Relationship: Factory Visits Should Be a Regular Event

    Going to see a manufacturer’s facility and their on-site operations inflow show you first-hand how passionate and serious they are about what they do. This insight can inform you whether their operation’s performance is not only in line with your customer’s needs but your business objectives. It is essentially a way for you to allow instant qualification. 

    Additionally, these factory visits shouldn’t be completed only at the beginning of the retailer-manufacturer relationship. Instead, you should return to the factory on a regular basis (whether every year or two years) as a sign that you’re supportive and appreciative of the partnership relationship. 

    Interested in a Tour of Westex’s Manufacturing Factory?

    Are you a retail buyer in search of a new wholesale luxury bedding manufacturer? Our team at Westex is happy to welcome you back to our factory and showrooms. We understand how important a factory visit is as part of due diligence for your business. During this visit, we will show you our operations procedures and will walk you through our quality assurance systems. 

    Interested in hearing more about our manufacturing processes or our product catalogue? Get in touch with our team today and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.