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Ironing Board Sizes: A Helpful Guide

by Mitchell Chitiz

Contrary to what you might have heard, ironing isn’t a dying art. Still, it is rarely a chore that ranks among people’s favourites. One way to get the most out of ironing is to make sure your customers have the right size of ironing board, and the right size of accessories to match. 

Below we give a quick ironing board size chart, and showcase some of our best ironing products. With the right equipment, your customers will have no trouble ironing out their ironing issues. 


Ironing Board Size Chart

Many modern-day consumers probably don’t even realize that there are different sizes for ironing boards. Picking the right size depends on what a customer wants to iron, and what kind of storage space they have. 

Ironing Board Size



15 x 54 inches


12 x 32 inches


13 x 53 inches


18 x 49 inches

Specialized (Extra-Wide)

19 x 67 inches

The Standard

If there is one set of ironing board dimensions that all retail stores need, it’s this one. The standard ironing board length or “regular” length is 15 x 54 inches. 

While these dimensions are an industry standard, it should be noted that the height of the ironing board is more variable. Many ironing boards are adjustable, and most can sit somewhere between 25 and 40 inches in height.



As the name suggests, the Tabletop or “mini” size is designed to sit on a table, rather than having a stand itself. Their dimensions are normally at 12 x 32 inches - this small size, and lack of a stand, makes these models the most portable of all ironing boards. 



The Compact, or “small” size ironing board sits at 13 x 53 inches. These boards are about as small as you can get while still keeping a stand. They’re lighter than the regular size, but often close to the same length, making them about as easy to store.



The Larger or “wider” sizes tend to have dimensions of 18 x 49 inches. The extra width gives you greater stability and lets you fit more on your ironing board at once. However, the greater size and weight does cut down on how easy they are to store and maneuver. 



You might hear specialized boards referred to as “Quilting Boards” or “Extra Wide”. These pieces of heavy-duty ironing equipment will have measurements of 19 x 67 inches. As the nickname suggests, these boards are often used by quilters and sewers, rather than people who just need their suits and dresses pressed. 

Picking the Right Size of Ironing Board

As you can guess by the descriptions, picking the right ironing board involves a careful balance between efficiency and storage. 

For those living in apartments, the tabletop sizes are often best, since customers don’t need to borrow already limited storage space to accommodate them. For those customers with a bit more space, the standard ironing board length should work, though for those that iron a lot, an extra wide ironing board would be a good investment. 

Our Ironing Boards & Laundry Solutions Collection

At Westex, we’re dedicated to making ironing easy and enjoyable, while making sure that our ironing board collection fits all of your customer’s needs. Not only are our ironing boards high-quality, but our laundry solution accessories will have your customers wanting to display their board for all their guests to see. 

Ironing Boards: Westex’s sleek ironing boards are designed to be durable and lightweight. Moving them in and out of storage will be no problem at all. Our boards range in sizing from compact such as the Compact Damask Ironing Board to standard sizes like our Westex Elite Ironing Board.

Triple Layer Ironing Board Covers: Our triple-layer ironing board covers come in a series of beautiful designs. Each is designed to easily fit onto standard-sized ironing boards. All of our covers are stain and water-resistant, letting customers iron in confidence. 

Dual and Four Layer Ironing Board Covers: If you are looking to adapt to some different sized boards, we also offer dual and four-layer ironing boards with elastic skirts, letting them stretch to accommodate customers’ needs.

European Ironing Boards and Covers: Westex also offers European-made Platinum ironing boards and covers, featuring an iron rest and a silicone-infused TURBO-GLIDE® strip. 

2-in-1 Steamer Pads and Ironing Blankets: The portable 2-in-1 hanging steamer pad and ironing blanket lets customers steam their clothes and iron on any surface they want. Features include a non-slide grip and a compact size, making it the ultimate portable ironing aid. For steaming, simply hang up on a door or on the wall. It’s as simple as that. 

Want the Best in Ironing Products?

At Westex, we are experts when it comes to everything related to bedding and home décor. If you’re a retailer looking to stock ironing boards and other laundry accessories, don’t hesitate to contact us.