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Pillow Talk: Benefits of Hutterite Down Pillows

by Mitchell Chitiz

When it comes to Down products, it is hard to argue against Hutterite Goose Down ruling supreme. Having Hutterite Goose Down pillows in stock is a boon in any retailer’s store.

But what exactly are Hutterite Down pillows? Why are they so well regarded? We’ll give you the quick facts on everything you need to know about Hutterite Down and its benefits. 


What are Hutterite Down Pillows? 

The reason that Hutterite goose Down pillows are so valuable is that real Hutterite Goose Down comes from a very specific part of the world. The Hutterites are a communal ethnoreligious group that mainly lives on the prairies of Western Canada. The Hutterites live in rural communities (somewhat like the Mennonites or Amish) where they grow their own food and raise their own livestock.

Among the animals that the Hutterites raise are geese. On geese, the soft feathers found under the exterior layer of feathers are known as “Down”, and serve as the stuffing in Goose Down pillows.


What Makes Them So Great?

So, what makes Hutterite Goose Down pillows so different? It has to do with what is known as “loft”. The loft of any Down refers to how many cubic inches that an ounce of the feathers will fill. Higher loft products will require less down to fill a pillow, resulting in a softer, warmer pillow. 

The Hutterites raise their geese as one of their main sources of food. Because of this, the geese are free-range and given no growth hormones. The geese are allowed to naturally and healthily grow to their full size, resulting in sleek feathers and down with truly excellent loft. 

Benefits of Hutterite Goose Down Pillows

Now you have a better idea about what makes a Hutterite Down pillow so special. The loft of these pillows is from a truly exclusive source. And what can this great loft provide for you? Hutterite Goose Down pillows are wonderfully:

Lightweight: Sleeping on Hutterite Down pillows will make your customers feel like they are sleeping on a cloud. The pillows are incredibly lightweight and easy to move around while sleeping. 

Comfortable: Hutterite Down pillows will always maintain a voluminous “fluffy” appearance and feel. This makes them incredibly comfortable and soft. 

Moldable: Hutterite goose Down pillows are easy to mold or scrunch into whatever shape your customers prefer for sleeping. This makes them the best pillow for satisfying side-sleepers, back-sleepers, and any other sort of tosser or turner. 

Quiet: Being entirely natural, Hutterite Down pillows don’t make squeaking or crinkling noises as they move around. This makes them perfect for those with a partner that moves around a lot in the night. 

Durable: Hutterite Down pillows are made to last. If your customers take good care of their Down pillows, they can easily last for ten years or more. 


Interested in Stocking Hutterite Down Pillows in Your Retail Store? 

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