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Bedding: How Antimicrobial Treatments Benefit Sleep

by Mitchell Chitiz

Being able to sleep healthily and comfortably relies on more than just correcting your sleep posture or making sure your bedroom’s temperature is cool enough. It is also dependent on how protected your bed is. When bedding sets are clean and fresh, it makes us feel good - but it also keeps us safe.

Duvets, pillows, mattress pads, mattress toppers, and bed sheets can all become a breeding ground for bacteria, microbes, dust mites, and bed bugs if we’re not careful. If left untreated, not only can you expect an increase in allergies but a disrupted sleep schedule too. 


Healthy Sleep: The Power of Antimicrobial Bedding 

With COVID at the forefront of everyone’s minds, germs and bacteria are a major concern across many households in North America. Yet, with antimicrobial bedding, this doesn’t have to be the case. 

Antimicrobial bedding improves the cleanliness of your bedding essentials by making sure that you can get a healthy night of sleep. These products have been treated by solutions that are capable of eliminating germs within fabrics. Antimicrobial bedding has self-sanitizing properties that prevent both bacteria-borne skin problems, infections, unwanted odours, and the growth of mould and mildew. 

Regardless of how often sheets, duvets, and pillows are laundered, these items will always be at risk of breeding bacteria unless they have been specifically treated by bedding manufacturers prior to being put on the market. 


Why Bedding Manufacturers are Joining the Antimicrobial Movement

Retail customers are aware now more than ever of how important it is to create healthy bedroom environments. The fact that the average person spends approximately 26 years of their life sleeping shows how vital it is to have clean beds. It is for this reason that many bedding manufacturers have been recognizing the need to use antimicrobial treatments on their products. 

Manufacturers all over the world have been using treatments that are designed to eliminate harmful bacteria and organisms. These treatments have become widely popular in the textile industries in recent years. For bedding manufacturers, this movement has been hard to ignore. 

Not only are products that have been treated with an antimicrobial solution healthier, but they allow bedding manufacturers to produce products that have a longer shelf life and provide greater protection to customers. This inevitably results in high-quality, valuable products. 


What is Ultra-Fresh Technology?

One such treatment that is often used by manufacturers in the textile industry is that of Ultra-Fresh Technology. This antimicrobial solution was created by Thomson Research Associates’, a chemical manufacturing firm based in Toronto, Ontario. 

Used during the manufacturing stage, the antimicrobial properties can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi in order to enhance products and provide lasting freshness and protection. Ultra-Fresh Technology is required to pass stringent testing protocols and procedures. This antimicrobial solution is Oeko-Tex listed and is a member of numerous associations such as:



Partner with a High-Quality, Antimicrobial Bedding Supplier

Are you a retail buyer looking to partner with responsible and sustainable bedding manufacturers in Canada? 

Westex proudly uses Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatments during our manufacturing processes so that we can confidently ship our wholesale luxury bedding products to stores across North America in the knowledge that they are safe, effective, and allergen-friendly. 

As a sustainable company, we strive to introduce new means of manufacturing processes that benefit both the consumer and the environment. For more information on our product collection or for partnership enquiries, contact us.