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How To Put on a Comforter or Duvet Cover Without Losing Your Mind

by Mitchell Chitiz

It’s easy to see the elegance and beauty of a comforter or duvet cover. It’s also easy to care for a duvet and its cover. What’s hard, however, is putting covers on duvets and comforters. You probably have personal experience with this struggle. 

Maybe you know someone who’s lost their mind (not literally we hope) trying to put one on and told you about it. Fortunately, the torture doesn’t have to continue. We’ve got some tips to help you put a duvet cover on your duvet without the frustration it often causes. 


Why is it So Hard to Put a Duvet Cover On?

We won’t spend too much time on this because the difficulty of putting a duvet cover on isn’t as elusive as it may seem. So, if it isn’t so mysterious, why do so many people complain about it? 

Simple - they simply lack good technique. 

The beauty of this reality is that once you learn how to put a duvet or comforter cover on, it ceases to remain a dilemma. So, take notes. 


Duvet Cover Technique

Putting covers on a duvet without getting irritated or giving up is just a matter of taking the right steps. So, if you’ve found yourself getting into a physical confrontation with your bedding, please, get out of your fighting stance. 

You can do this peacefully!


How to Put On a Duvet Cover Properly




  1. Turn your duvet cover inside out.
  2. Spread the cover across your mattress with its opening at the foot of your bed. 
  3. Lay your duvet on top of the cover. 
  4. If your bed sheets/duvet cover have inner ties, fasten them now. If not, use large safety pins to fasten the corners of your duvet (or do without)
  5. Starting at the head of your bed, roll your duvet and its cover together like a burrito. To make it easier, do this with a partner or switch side to side as you roll it. 
  6. When it is rolled, fold the duvet cover opening around the bedding bundle. 
  7. Close your duvet cover with its zipper, buttons or ties. 
  8. Unroll your duvet towards the top of the bed. 
  9. Fluff as necessary. 

And that’s that - your duvet will be in the cover. There’s no need to wrestle with your duvet or comforter busting a sweat in the process of getting the thing on. A little technique, and perhaps, a helping hand will get the job done. 


Find Bedding that’s Hassle-Free, High-Quality and Comfortable

While duvet covers certainly have a reputation of being anything but hassle-free, that doesn’t have to be the case for all of your bedding products. 

A bed is a place of comfort. Therefore, it is important to buy bedding that is high-quality and from a certified company. In other words, choose products such as bedsheets, duvets, pillows and more that are made of high-quality materials such (e.g. Down or bamboo) and are durable, hypoallergenic and most importantly of all, comfortable. 

Cover Your Duvet Without Hassle

Duvet and comforter covers are notorious for being difficult to put on. But rest assured - by following the instructions above, you will be able to put a duvet cover on without the hassles they’re known to cause. The dread that you might feel before putting fresh bedding on your bed will become a thing of the past!