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Pillow Cushion Tips To Make Your Furniture Cozy and Chic

by Mitchell Chitiz

Cushion Tips To Make Your Furniture Cozy And Chic

You’ve got an elegant sectional or luxurious loveseat in your living room. This piece of furniture blends in perfectly with your decor and is just the right size for the layout of your room. But maybe it blends in a bit too perfectly. 

Nothing stands out. 

If you want said furniture to “pop”, you need to give it a little sizzle, and one of the best ways you can do that is with decorative cushions and throw pillows. They might seem small and insignificant but they can add character to an otherwise bland piece of furniture. 

In this post, we’ll show you how to make that happen. 

Enter the World of Sofa Pillow Arrangement

The art of decorating your furniture with pillows is essentially “pillow arrangement”. Like many forms of interior decor, pillow arrangement makes use of various visual elements to create a strong impression on the eyes. It’s an understated and overlooked aspect of interior decor, which is unfortunate, considering how much of an impact it can have on your furniture’s appearance. 


Coordinating and Contrasting Pillow Sizes 

The size of furniture pillows and cushions play a major role in their appearance. Ideally, an arrangement looks its best when you stack pillows of different sizes together to create a contrast. The largest pillows typically go in the back, while the smaller ones sit in the front to create a sort of hierarchy. Think of a classroom or family reunion photo: tall ones go in the back, smaller ones come upfront. 

There are no hard and fast rules for choosing actual decorative pillow sizes, but there are some measurements that you can use as a guide. For example, your base pillows can measure between 20-24 square inches, while your medium 16-20 inches. Keep in mind that you may have to work with different measurements and sizes depending on the shape of your pillows and the overall size of your furniture. 


Create Layers & Balance

One of the more interesting ways to add visual appeal to your furniture is to create layers and balance, or texture if you will. 

Layering and balancing are closely intertwined with how you contrast your pillow sizes. For example, you can create layers by placing large pillows first, medium ones second, and then small ones last. This stacked arrangement makes every pillow visible. 

You can also create balance by placing your pillows in groups of two or three to create a symmetrical arrangement. Also, think carefully about the size of your furniture - only stack a reasonable number of pillows on your furniture based on the size of the item. So for example, you can add more pillows onto a sectional due to its larger size, but less on a loveseat since it would be smaller. 


Play Around With Pillow Patterns

Here’s where the fun really can really happen - picking patterns for your pillow arrangement. Patterns are what really grab the eye since we’re conditioned to seek and identify them. When it comes to your pillows, you can experiment with many different patterns. 

For example, you can pair solid-coloured pillows with striped-ones, or you can alternate simple designs with more intricate ones. You can also, once again, use pillow sizes as a means of establishing patterns such as choosing large pillows with one colour scheme, while smaller ones use another. 

There are a few limitations when it comes to creating patterns. 

Cushions = Comfort - Don’t Forget About That!

Keep in mind that pillow arrangement isn’t all about fashion - function matters too. 

It goes without saying that you should choose decorative cushions and throw pillows that are pleasing to touch and fluffy - those are a given. However, there are some other features to consider as well, ones that will make your cushions a pleasure to own.  


Ideal Pillow Cushion Features

  • Hypoallergenic - Allergens can easily infiltrate your home and linger in fabrics and bedding, including your furniture cushions. This is especially true if you have pets. A hypoallergenic pillow cover has material that acts as a filter to prevent the accumulation of these particles, so that allergy-sufferers aren’t miserable on what should be a comfy couch. 
  • Removable zipper covers - If you’ve got kids, you don’t need to ask if they’ll make messes, you need to ask when. Hopefully, that will be after you get pillow cushions with zipper covers. They’re a simple addition but can spare your pillows from messes if your kids (or kids at heart) spill anything. 
  • Feather-stuffed - For pure comfort, a feather-stuffed pillow or one with a specialized insert (ie. polyester) is an ideal pick. Pillows that have this “stuffing” are soft, fluffy, and perfect for cuddling - especially for the kids. 


Westex Cushion Pillows for Design


  • Urban Loft by Westex Hypoallergenic Pillow - These pillows contain all of the features mentioned above, and are packaged in various illustrated designs that kids will be fond of. 
  • Urban Loft by Westex Ombre Fringe - This decorative pillow cushion is feather-filled to provide maximum comfort, and also comes with machine-washable cover. It’s bright colour makes it a great choice for those who want to experiment with colour schemes in their arrangements. 


Decorative Cushions that’ll Make Your Sofa Sparkle 

Next time you look at your furniture and you’re a little underwhelmed by it, take a look at your pillow cushions. Or lack thereof. They’re simple additions that might not seem like much, but they can add plenty of visual appeal to your furniture if it looks bare. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with things like size, colour, and positioning to create the ideal look for your living room. This simple fix can elevate the artistry of your furniture.